Welcome Back to School!

As we head into the 2020-2021 school year, we still face the unknown.  However, we're strong!  We're ready to take on anything!  We have had to face our first major obstacle with the switch to remote learning.  As a school, we must practice social distancing, wear our masks, and wash our hands so we can get to learning together!

Mission Statement

Mullens Middle School recognizes that each child is an individual.  Children are creative and all children need to succeed.  Therefore, Mullens Middle School promotes a caring environment and stresses the total development of each child.

Core Beliefs

At Mullens Middle School we believe!  We believe that...

  • Emphasis on student needs recognizes that all children learn differently.

  • Each child is a valuable resource who has the right to an education.

  • A safe and caring environment enhances quality teaching and learning.

  • People are defined by what they do, not who they are.

  • Teamwork is vital in preparing children for success.